and another thing, you all can FUCK OFF!

parafuckindise city
welcome to the jungle motherfuckers

anyway I am sitting here chatting and searching for resources to use in an upcommign assignment, but then I am not really lookign if I am updating my hournal now am I.

bored and kinda hungry. Might go and get some food soona dn go do stuff just to get out of the house.

anyway will leave now

*purrs to himself as there is noone here to purr too*


subjec is what subject was

so it's been awhile..infact its been well over a month since I "updated" my pathetic excuss for a "journal"
So I thought it high time to tell ya'll a little about my first week back at uni..

Monday was just the typical introduction day has you might expect from meeting 50 new people and about 10 new lecturers. Played stupid "get-to-know-you" games which suck...but a good ice-breaker.

I found that I was amazing and everyone else sucked big time :) Isn't that alway the way.
SO yeah, tuesday was where we got our frst real look at what the degree is really about (BEd)..yes I'm goin to be a that so hard to understand...everyone I have told, are like....."you..a teacher (laugh) and then the walk off shaking their heads."..fucking bastards!

Anyway today I had anice chat about the moari and how much I"love them"
not really but I got sick about this whole meaningless bullshit about the importance of the treaty in what we ar doing..I mean fuck, yes it is important and yes children should learn about it and yes it has it's place in New Zealand history-not denying that fact but atleast don't try and push the fucking thing down my throat and day 3..jebus and his unholy slut of a mother mary!

Anyway with that said I guess I shall take leave now and well have a fun time doing nothing :)

love you all...specially myself ;)

night all you kings and queens of hell-vania


Twisted fuckin Sister! \m/
"The 80’s were fun and entertaining. In the 90’s when Grunge and then the whole Ozzfest thing happened, the scene became very depressing. Some of them are good players and nice people and all that but I think that the scene became very depressing with the whole “my life sucks”, “the world sucks” attitude. You know, if it sucks why do you have to sing about it and depress the s*** out of the rest of us....Why do you have to make records just to depress the crap out of everybody? Why do you have to b**** and moan? You’re being paid millions of bucks, you’re in a limousine…what the f*** is your problem"....Jay Jay French

Oh how true, so very fuckin true

Anyway today I think I will update you bastards on my boring life.

*updates you*

there ya go

later freaks!

could everyone just get over the death of Darrel...jebus you people act like someone important is dead.
I feel sorry yes, but fuckin hell, he lived, played guitar, and was shot 5 times....sounds like he had a good life...


fuck, fuck and fuck
Tired, sick and very pissy!

this is my mood.

so fuck you and those who you fuck and those who want to fuck you...fuck them too :<

How many fucks can you get into one fucking, fucked up fuckin sentence? I have no ficking idea but I fucking believe that I fucking can get closer then any of those fucking losers outside.

Seems that we have a new interface
last week saw the bleeders
tuesday I had an interview
After interview went to A.C.E. handed in a couple of forms there
Wednesday was busy getting things certified
Thursday mailed off security clearance things...stupid crap!
today went shopping with mum for school things.

Now I am falling a sleep

Something for a monday : part 4
I don't think I should be saying this but I really the black eyes peas song, "lets get retarted in here", heheh it's cool. But this is about one of the only songs I like from them. Gawd if the metal crowd had to see me, they would beat me with a 2x4 hahaha so SHHHHHHH!

Now monday has been not so interesting, spent most of the day out and about doing things neccesary for advancing myself educationally and well financially. Talked to naz for a little while, she was bored. Cleaned my bike and then it started pisisng down with this fucking rain!

Now everybody get retarted in here HA!
Bounce with me biatches!

Anyway what am I going to do go wank? maybe..not sure if I really want to but oh well, nothing else too do ;) hahaha like none of you get off on lying motherfuckers!

Anyway I am off to consume a donut and maybe even do somehting productive, like work on thesis! :D now fuck off and remember to love yourself but please love me more ;)

fuckin saved by the bell aye!
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I missed you so much that I killed myself
It's morning, I'm at uni and it's cold as hell in this lab :( I wanna go home!!!

Been awake for many hours now and it is getting to me :s

Well I think I will go eat something, getting stroppy about things right at this minute, might even go kill someone random on the way to subway...maybe.


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