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Something for a monday : part 4
I don't think I should be saying this but I really the black eyes peas song, "lets get retarted in here", heheh it's cool. But this is about one of the only songs I like from them. Gawd if the metal crowd had to see me, they would beat me with a 2x4 hahaha so SHHHHHHH!

Now monday has been not so interesting, spent most of the day out and about doing things neccesary for advancing myself educationally and well financially. Talked to naz for a little while, she was bored. Cleaned my bike and then it started pisisng down with this fucking rain!

Now everybody get retarted in here HA!
Bounce with me biatches!

Anyway what am I going to do go wank? maybe..not sure if I really want to but oh well, nothing else too do ;) hahaha like none of you get off on lying motherfuckers!

Anyway I am off to consume a donut and maybe even do somehting productive, like work on thesis! :D now fuck off and remember to love yourself but please love me more ;)

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Well look at it like this... if I were to beat you with a 2x4... you'd end up getting retarded anyway.


hahahaha yeah true so thenI guess it's okay to like it since I'm going to be bashed into a retarted state :)

LOL... Thats right darlin'... you keep on tryin to justify it to yourself.

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