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subjec is what subject was

so it's been awhile..infact its been well over a month since I "updated" my pathetic excuss for a "journal"
So I thought it high time to tell ya'll a little about my first week back at uni..

Monday was just the typical introduction day has you might expect from meeting 50 new people and about 10 new lecturers. Played stupid "get-to-know-you" games which suck...but a good ice-breaker.

I found that I was amazing and everyone else sucked big time :) Isn't that alway the way.
SO yeah, tuesday was where we got our frst real look at what the degree is really about (BEd)..yes I'm goin to be a that so hard to understand...everyone I have told, are like....."you..a teacher (laugh) and then the walk off shaking their heads."..fucking bastards!

Anyway today I had anice chat about the moari and how much I"love them"
not really but I got sick about this whole meaningless bullshit about the importance of the treaty in what we ar doing..I mean fuck, yes it is important and yes children should learn about it and yes it has it's place in New Zealand history-not denying that fact but atleast don't try and push the fucking thing down my throat and day 3..jebus and his unholy slut of a mother mary!

Anyway with that said I guess I shall take leave now and well have a fun time doing nothing :)

love you all...specially myself ;)

night all you kings and queens of hell-vania



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