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Twisted fuckin Sister! \m/
"The 80’s were fun and entertaining. In the 90’s when Grunge and then the whole Ozzfest thing happened, the scene became very depressing. Some of them are good players and nice people and all that but I think that the scene became very depressing with the whole “my life sucks”, “the world sucks” attitude. You know, if it sucks why do you have to sing about it and depress the s*** out of the rest of us....Why do you have to make records just to depress the crap out of everybody? Why do you have to b**** and moan? You’re being paid millions of bucks, you’re in a limousine…what the f*** is your problem"....Jay Jay French

Oh how true, so very fuckin true

Anyway today I think I will update you bastards on my boring life.

*updates you*

there ya go

later freaks!

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emo and all that scenester crap is a million times worse than 90's grunge.

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